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Bees and honey


Bees play a major role in maintaining biodiversity through pollination and are therefore essential for our ecosystems. With more than 100 hives on the estate, protected from intensive agriculture by  more than 1.260 acres of woodlands, we are proud to participate in the protection of honey bees.

Around the world

The bees travel about 40,000km,  equivalent to the earth's circumference, to produce 500g of honey.

Thanks to the great diversity of Torrecchia’s flora, our beekeeper is able to offer a variety of honeys, adapted to the taste of each:

  • Lupine Honey

  • Coriander Honey

  • Thousand Flowers

  • Eucalyptus honey

Beyond its incomparable flavor, honey possesses beneficial and therapeutic virtues, and contains a large quantity of mineral salts, vitamins and other trace elements.

“A little honey a day keeps the doctor away”

In the 5th century BC, Hippocrates prescribed honey to treat fever, respiratory infections, cutaneous wounds, heartburn and to slow down the effects of aging. More recently, the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiseptic and healing properties of honey have been scientifically proven.

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