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Foundation Torrecchia Vecchia
Foundation Torrecchia Vecchia

Torrecchia Vecchia's Foundation

Since its registration as a Natural Monument in 2007, the "Torrecchia Vecchia ONLUS Foundation" has been responsible for the preservation of its remarkable ecosystem.

The Foundation strives to enhance and protect the wildlife, lush vegetation and archaeological sites on the estate.

Moreover, it ensures the transmission of Torrecchia Vecchia's rich history.

Do you want to take part in the preservation of a natural monument? In the perpetuation of the traditions of a diversified agricultural domain?

Support us by donating to our foundation.

The “Torrecchia Vecchia ONLUS” Foundation has carried out various activities, and in particular visits were organized with international associations (Royal Horticultural Society, Mediterranean Garden Society, etc.), gardening professionals, garden design journalists, and schools.


Since 2013, the foundation has also organized some conferences on topics related to botanics and environmental preservation, for example:

  • 2013 “Garden design : English gardens and Mediterranean climate”

  • 2013 “A traditional method to prune ancient roses”

  • 2014  “ La philosophie du jardin ou le jardin de la philosophie”

  • 2014  “ Quiet and fragile gardens”

  • 2015 “ Garden design: an historical panorama”

  • 2016 “ English or French Roses ?”

  • 2017 “Ecological pest control for gardens”

  • 2018 “Agroforestry: perspectives on management of agroecosystesms”

Contact our team at to learn more about tax deductible donations, and to book a visit of the library of Carlo Caracciolo of more than 2000 books which was donated to the foundation.

Foundation Torrecchia Vecchia
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