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Maremmana cows

There are over 200 Maremmana cows on the estate. This Italian cattle breed belongs to the steppe gray branch and is native to the marshy region of the Maremma (Tuscany). It is a protected and very rustic species, which can live up to over 15 years.

Maremmana and butteri
Buffalo Bill in Italy

Cisterna di Latina, a neighboring town of Torrecchia, is considered the historical city of the "butteri", the traditional Italian cowboys associated with the Maremmana breeding.


This small town of Lazio had its hour of glory on February 20, 1890, when Buffalo Bill presented in Rome his famous itinerant show "Wild West Show".

Buffalo Bill was challenged in a rodeo by Augusto Imperiali, called "Augustarello" a buttero from Cisterna di Latina working for the Caetani family (owners of Torrecchia in around 1455). Augustarello even bet 1000 lire on his own victory against the most famous of the cowboys.

Buffalo Bill,  beaten and humiliated, refused to pay his due and left Rome hurriedly... and the butteri of Cisterna di Latina acquired an international reputation!

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