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Natural fields


Since the 1970s, Torrecchia has emerged as a pioneer in the transition toward an ecologic agricultural production

The intensive agricultural production system from the green revolution is increasingly being put into question due to its dependence on fossil fuels, its negative impact on public health and its mediocre quality of production.


The abuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers adversely affects the quality of the soil by destroying microflora and soil fauna. Plowing, by exposing the earth to sun and rain, is another cause of the constant reduction of organic matter and soil desertification.


Agricultural production of Torrecchia has been classified as organic since the 1970s. A deep reflection was initiated in 2016 in order to go further in reducing the impact of agricultural production on a natural ecosystem. Alternative agro-ecological methods such as direct seeding , mulch-based cropping systems, or agroforestry are currently under study.

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