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Forest of Torrecchia Vecchia

A wild interlude


While traditional medical schools have always recognized the benefits of forests to human health, scientific researchers have only recently begun to look into the subject.  Today a growing number of studies tend to demonstrate the positive physiological impacts derived from a  proximity to nature.

These studies noted numerous physiological impacts:

  • Reduction of stress and irritability

  • Increased concentration

  • Improvement of the Profile of Mood States

  • Reduction of Salivary Cortisol levels

  • Increased activity of natural killer cells

  • Increased immunoglobulin levels A, G and M.

These impacts affect a significant number of physical and psychological parameters. Regular and prolonged walks in the forest like Japanese « Shinrin-Yoku » would amplify these beneficial effects, while awakening your senses to the many interactions the forest can offer.

Diaporama Torrecchie Vecchia

We offer a range of activities (Starting on July 2017) allowing our guests to benefit from these advantages through a total immersion in the heart of this preserved nature. Your stay will be an opportunity to strengthen your connection with the wilderness, to sharpen your senses, to learn to observe, taste, feel, and listen to nature.





Shinrin Yoku
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